U.S. tariffs imposed trump why plummet attitude toward China?

in the inside and outside a lot of opposition, the President of the United States to China & other trump Hands-on & throughout; . Reuters reported that the President of the United States trump 22 local time in the White House announced that the value of about $60 billion, imports from China to impose tariffs. Back in China in the first place. On March 23, China’s ministry of commerce issued against the United States imported 232 measures the suspension of concessions to steel and aluminium products listing and solicit opinions from the public, for since the import tariffs. China’s ministry of commerce spokesman is beautiful & other; Throughout 301 survey &; Decided to speaking, hope the us side back from the brink, careful decision-making, don’t put the bilateral economic and trade relationship at risk.

the public opinion thinks, the trump just since last year will be defined as China & other; Competitors & throughout; Later, the U.S. government continues to spread in the field of economic and trade policies on China. While facing the United States to China waved & other; Trade stick & throughout; Practice of foreign media exclaimed, America’s China policy has entered the great transition!

well, the truth really?

to bring the President of the United States signed the memorandum of the President, trump 22 basis & other; Throughout 301 survey &; As a result, the large-scale tariffs on goods imported from China, and limit the Chinese companies to invest in the mergers and acquisitions. (AFP)

this time, trump & other; Too impatient & throughout; The

since late last year, the United States is frequently in the field of security, culture, education, economic and trade with China & other; Challenged & throughout; , the opposition also seems never stops. For government trump on trade on China’s latest this & other; Hands-on & throughout; 22, felt strongly, Wall Street stocks & other; The blood become river & throughout; And ushered in the six weeks since the biggest slump. Reuters reported that U.S. stocks fell, the three indexes: the s&p 500 index, the dow and the nasdaq index fell at its biggest one-day drop since February 8. Panic index (index of the Chicago board options exchange’s VIX gauge) rose 12.31% to 19.52. DetailPic

to bring about the heavy falls in the dow

after also reports that corporate America simultaneous against China & other; Trade & throughout; , and warned of the consequences of American families will be & other; Devastating & throughout; . So, a lot of opposition, why the government still trump & other; I did it my way & throughout; ? To this, China institute of contemporary international relations institute of American scholars Sun Chenghao in reference news network interview analysis, trump to sign for the so-called & other; China’s economic aggression & throughout; Trade memorandum is not rashly, and is through long-term considerations.

Sun Chenghao introduction, trump domestic political pressures will be facing mid-term elections this year, he launched on the node some tough measures on China, based on considerations of votes. In addition, the government appears trump, in the past for a long time of dialogue or so-called & other; Contact & throughout; Did not produce the desired effect, therefore, the this is prompting them to take this & other; Myopia & throughout; Measures, seeking & other; Instant & throughout; The effect.

bring trump open the newspaper, the newspaper front page write: & other; Spring comes earlier this year, everyone is happy. Throughout the &; Trump heart thought: how can I destroy it?

Sun Chenghao also noted that although the United States launched against China & other; Trade & throughout; There is opposition, but the mainstream voice still think china-us trade is in a state of imbalance, especially the problem of the so-called trade deficit with China, still think that the us trade deficit with China is huge, this reason prompted trump finally lifted its trade with China & other; Stick & throughout; .

however, the public opinion thinks, the current policy in China, government exists big trump miscalculation. In areas of trade, for example, the quartz according to financial websites, last year, the U.S. trade deficit with China more than $375 billion. That sounds is a scary number. In practice, however, I’m afraid trade deficit with China is far lower than looks, reason is the method of calculating deficit have been out of date.

to China, they were afraid of sino-american conflict

given the past six months to a series of actions on policy toward China, think there are foreign media on the basis of America’s China policy has entered a major transition. Japan’s “sankei shimbun” quoted by successive governments in the United States and the national intelligence council of the state council shall be responsible for more than 30 years of China’s policy at the university of Washington professor Robert & middot; Sartre’s words, policy toward China is now in the United States entered the is one of the major of historic transition. , the scholar thinks, trump national security strategy report released by the government and national defense strategy report changed the previous attitude, focus on the & other; The confrontation & throughout; And & other Alert throughout China &; , think that China has violated the American values. These harsh statements had never used at government level.

Sun Chenghao said that although the United States believes that after China & other; Engagement & throughout; Have failed, and has not been a new strategy in China, however, America’s China cognition has happened twist. And match with the turning point is the change of the government team, trump tough situation in China has been raised .

the foreign researcher at the Chinese academy of social sciences in Beijing, China’s overseas security institute, a senior researcher at QiKai also for reference news network , said trump side over the conservatives and a large number of trade & other; QiuHua socialist & throughout; , such as navarro, Wright, their trump has produced important influences on decision making.

to current American attitude toward China, QiKai think, so far, the United States are not yet ready to adjust, to adapt to a stronger China, therefore the Chinese attitude to plummet, is also expected. DetailPic

bring photograph: China Daily

Sun Chenghao introduces, at present the United States has such a state of mind in China policy note: keep a certain distance with China, both at the same time to get tough with China, but don’t want to cause a conflict between China and the United States, this leads to trade & other; Innocent & throughout; , obviously, the government hopes to trump take very tough measures to try to hope for China to compromise.

some foreign media believe that the United States launched & other; Trade & throughout; Will be difficult to draw. Argued that the financial times website, there are concerns that a good way to trump the government doesn’t seem to want to end it is about to launch & other; Trade & throughout; . Even think he is a trump before the mid-term elections in November to carry out the trade protection of voters commitments, but a policy of focusing on short-term political gains may be on the relationship between the world’s top two economies cause long-term damage.

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