Trump: say big news, we want to build a space force!


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at trump signed last December 1 space policy instruction, designed to allow americans to return to the moon. (AFP)

overseas net on March 14 (xinhua) (13) on Tuesday, local time, President of the United States air force base in San Diego close ramah trump, a speech will increase in the U.S. armed forces a & other; Space forces throughout the &; .

according to the Washington post reported, trump for American marines said, & other; In space, the new national strategy of I know that space is a battlefield, just like land, sea and air. We already have the air force, we will also have space forces. Throughout the &;

according to the report, said trump, he first proposed the idea just as a joke, but then he thought, & other; This is a great idea, maybe we have to do so. Throughout the &; Trump 13 is not specified, however, if what he said that day is still in & other; A joke throughout the &; .

reports that the United States in the outer space treaty signed in 1967, the treaty to ban American on the moon or other celestial bodies weapons testing or base, also does not allow weapons of mass destruction in orbit around the earth. Critics believe that the treaty does not have enforcement mechanism, the ability to prevent a country’s President or anyone would militarize space. The U.S. air force unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) X to 37 b has a space, has completed a number of secret missions. However, the voluntary agreement is still in the past to prevent the occurrence of the space war 51 years.

according to the report, the United States has a national aeronautics and space administration (NASA), has 12 American astronauts to the moon. Trump in 14 months, NASA has not a fixed, the acting director Robert & middot; Lightfoot (Robert Lightfoot) have (12) on Monday announced his retirement, on April. Compile/overseas network Jiang Shu –

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