Trump nominated the cia’s new owners have magical execution?

President Donald & middot; Trump 13 nominations current cia director mike & middot; Peng’s Mr Super-hawks, named his deputy zina & middot; Haas pell at the helm of the intelligence agencies.

haas pell, a 61 – year – old, if nominated by senate confirmation, will become the cia set up more than 70 years to the first female leader. She in the intelligence world seniority, overseas experience, professional ability must be trained.

but, for the media and the public, haas pell’s name with the cia overseas & other; Absolute & throughout; Abuse scandal is linked together, the democratic and human rights groups to & other; The stain & throughout; Take over the cia director for reasons against her.

【 & other jails & throughout; scandal 】

haas pell in intelligence circles work more than 30 years, in 1985 to join the cia, multiple leadership positions at the headquarters and overseas sites, including the management of the spying operation state secret operations director.

in February 2017, haas pell, served as deputy director, assist the competent peng admire the intelligence analysis, cooperation with foreign intelligence agencies and the anti spy work, performance.

just, she is known, in 2002, George & middot; W· Bush, namely when the bush administration in charge of the cia a secret prisons in Thailand. Exposure in the media that the place & other; Absolute & throughout; When a number of two & other; Base & throughout; Organization suspects on trial experience & other; Waterboarding & throughout; Such harsh treatment.

three years later, haas pell, ordered to destroy records & other; Waterboarding & throughout; The scene of the video. Haas pell boss at that time, a former cia counterterrorism director jose & middot; Rodriguez and former cia spokesman bill & middot; Harlow co-authored the book recorded in the harsh means destroying evidence. The senate investigation report 2015 confirmed this matter.

ahaz became the cia and other Pal Second in command & throughout; After human rights groups & other; Throughout the European constitution and human rights center &; Demanded that the German judicial authority issued a warrant for her. Germany because no direct evidence that prisoner abuse scandal associated with Germany and forget about it.

after the scandal broke, the cia explains & other; Waterboarding & throughout; And slap your face, sleep deprivation, torture is authorized by President George w. bush & other; Enhanced interrogation techniques & throughout; . Soon he became President in 2009, barack & middot; Mr Obama banned use such & other; Enhanced interrogation & throughout; , close all the cia secret prisons overseas.

[nomination resistance]

to trump haas pell nomination may encounter Democrats and some republicans oppose. Republicans than Democrats just two seats in the senate.

& other; In view of the haas ms pell’s background, & throughout; Democrats in the senate intelligence committee members, RON & middot; Huai said, & other; She doesn’t fit as cia director. Throughout the &;

a veteran republican senator John & middot; McCain said the prisoner abuse scandal is & other; Throughout the history of the United States one of the darkest chapters &; Haas, pell had to explain her in secret cia prisons activity plays a role. & other; Current U.S. law explicitly banned enhanced interrogation methods. Any cia director nominees must unreservedly commitment to adhere to the ban. Throughout the &; McCain was captured when I take part in the Vietnam war, had been badly treated.

for haas pell & other; An endorsement & throughout; People a lot. Former cia director John & middot; Brennan said to the national broadcasting company (NBC), haas pell, character, integrity always & other; Difficult moments to difficult tasks & throughout; The dedicated. He expects her to smooth, & other; Gina is very ability to professionals, I think she is qualified as the position. Throughout the &;

the senate intelligence committee chairman, republican Richard & middot; Burr said that he worked for the haas pell feel & other; Pride & throughout; And promised to support to confirm the appointment.

the same puzzle 】

after the nominated, haas pell issued a brief statement, thank you for her trump & other; Trust & throughout; .

a not willing publicly to name cia officials told Reuters that haas pell & other; May face (has just been sacked trump secretary of state, rex & middot;) Tillerson and others suffered a difficult choice: is holding on to your belief, or grovel in order to keep your job & throughout; .

great subject in front of her are: how to prepare for trump, to meet the planned summit with north Korea in the United States; How to persuade trump & other; Straighten & throughout; With Russian President vladimir & middot; Mr Putin’s relations; Determine the trump’s position on Iran’s nuclear deal in U.S. interests.

as for & other; Absolute & throughout; The scandal, appears to trump may not & other; The stain & throughout; . Trump value may be loose peja screw-type haas pell advantages, namely, & other Magical execution & throughout; .

trump for & other when she was running for President in 2016; Enhanced interrogation & throughout; Defence, and the reason is & other; Effective & throughout; . Choose haas pell, when the cia director, wake up some americans fear: trump will seek to lift the ban on Obama? IfengLogo (kamijo)

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