Trump announced tax big in China Ministry of commerce of China’s foreign ministry said

Beijing time on March 23, 0 to 50, the President of the United States in the White House trump formally signed the memorandum of trade with China. Trump announced on the spot, is likely to impose tariffs on imports from China’s $60 billion goods, and limit the Chinese companies to invest in the mergers and acquisitions.

these measures will be for up to 100 categories of imports to China from shoes, clothing to consumer electronics products, and would impose restrictions on Chinese investment in the United States.

this, China’s ministry of commerce and the ministry of foreign affairs has 22, firmly opposed to the us unilateralism and trade protectionism.

the Chinese ministry of commerce, head of the treaty, 22, said China would never allow legal rights and interests are harmed, and will take all necessary measures to resolutely defend their legal rights and interests. The head also said that the U.S. industry worry about the U.S. unilateral action, generally for 45 national association clearly put forward objection. & other; We hope the us side to be able to recognize the nature of the mutually beneficial and win-win china-us economic and trade relations, don’t make SunRenHaiJi move. Throughout the &;

on the same day, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman HuaChunYing also said that day, hope the United States don’t make SunRenHaiJi move. , she said, there are many factors of sino-us trade imbalance, one of the reason you see it is very clear, is the us export control policies towards China. And in the trade, the pursuit of complete equivalence is not realistic, also is not reasonable.

HuaChunYing asks, if it wants to sell us on the one hand, China needs to buy, on the other hand, refused to sell to China want to buy, but also the trade imbalance is a constant criticism to China, is it fair? So China to sell how many toys to is worth a Boeing aircraft? Or what if China bought Boeing aircraft, the United States should buy the same amount of C919?

in the near future, the United States and other countries, including the United States and China trade friction problem frequently reported by the media, has fuelled speculation of a possible trade war between China and America. 21, HuaChunYing has said that the Chinese don’t want to make a trade war with anyone, & other; But if someone is not persecuted us play, we won’t be afraid, don’t hide. Throughout the &;

for China how to deal with & other; Trade & throughout; There are some speculation, foreign media. The Wall Street journal writes, & other; China’s response to the new tariff policy of any will be sober and equivalent. Throughout the &; For U.S. agricultural products in China, the anti-dumping and countervailing investigation has released a clear signal. Think the New York times, China’s back is the most likely target aircraft and agricultural enterprises & ndash; & ndash; They are very important trump political supporters.

but not HuaChunYing 21, also gives the way to a trade war: expanding market open to each other, do big cake. In nearly 40 years, she said, china-us economic and trade cooperation to the two countries provides a huge market, created a large number of employment opportunities, also very considerably reduces the burden of the average American household spending.

& other; I have seen a number, the economic and trade cooperation between China and the United States in 2015 to help every American family saves about $850. If the us didn’t get real benefits from china-us economic and trade cooperation and economic and trade cooperation between China and the United States could not get such a sustained and rapid growth. Throughout the &; HuaChunYing said, & other; China never deliberately pursue surplus. The factors causing the current sino-us trade imbalance, solve the correct way of thinking is to expand market open to each other, do big cake of cooperation, and not what a trade war, or sold. Throughout the &;

in fact against the practice of trump, not just China. Reference news network reported that the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) quoted the British international trade minister fox reports: & other; As America’s political Allies, of the British & lsquo; Golden decade & rsquo; Partners, British choose stand with rules. Throughout the &;

according to “Japanese economic news” report, held in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, the group of 20 (G20) finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, us Treasury secretary, Mr Qin was countries & other; Siege & throughout; Finance minister, France, Germany, Japan and other countries is more clear & other; Oppose trade protectionism & throughout; .

and held in Chicago booth school of business & other; Throughout the global market initiative &; IGM BBS, 43 top economists warned that a tax would not help improve americans living, can damage the interests of most americans.

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