The UK media evaluation personnel changes of the White House: the trump don’t want to hear “no”

reference news network reported on March 15 , according to UK media in the White House nearly 14 months trump, advocates, dissidents, and the President himself is intuitive, policies to make decisions more rapidly than ever before.

on March 14, according to Reuters in the White House personnel changes that don’t want to listen to trump & other not & throughout; word “title according to the report, close to trump said he 13 tillerson fired the secretary of state, suggested that originally chosen with the republican presidential advisor team is more and more impatient, he thinks these people for his support of policy pushed from pillar to post.

, these people said trump inner circle are encouraged to have a different opinion, but once he make a decision, you want to perform at once.

& other; Up to now, I think the good atmosphere of the White House allows multiple politics still exist, but the difference is that he is no longer willing to let people to slow down or block its implementation plan, & throughout; Trump’s former White House strategist Andrew Surabian said, & other; He wants people to execution plan, to get things done. Throughout the &;

familiar with the idea of the White House before campaign officials said trump, trump expect internal discussion is fierce, and then to the final decision & other; In step & throughout; .

reported that trump levy customs duties on imported steel and aluminium formally announced last week, the trade and other issues of differences of opinion with his trump Cohen, director of the White House national economic council, resigned. , the foreign policy of the United States advocated to milder tillerson has also been sacked, diplomacy, loyal to trump’s director of central intelligence agency (CIA) peng Mr Will take over the post.

& other; He is looking for those basic agree with his idea, and willing to accept he is the head of the person, & throughout; Before the U.S. house of representatives speaker newt gingrich said.

13 trump suggests that over the past year and tillerson such people get along with, the relationship between the stand or fall of Cohen and the to his frustration, he is trying to form a team he wants.

& other; I do is very close to the cabinet and other things as I wish, & throughout; Trump said after the White House announced that secretary of state, the new candidate, & other; Peng and I admire the very liked each other from the start. Throughout the &;

some long-term deal with the President, the trump suit his business background, to those who disagreed with his style and concept of aides signal.

& other; Those who think they can change his will find: this is not possible. We have known each other long ago campaign, you can let him a little bit better, but can’t get his opinion, a 180 – degree shift & throughout; Before, a former campaign strategist Barry trump Bennett said.

trump’s critics say that his way of management of the White House and he used the show & other; The Apprentice” As like as two peas.

& other; Announced via twitter fired a secretary of state, may produce strong dramatic effect and high ratings, but this kind of practice as well as numerous similar cases, has caused a difficult to dilute the insecurity, at every level to the state and the President causing damage to the position & throughout; The democratic senator said in a statement.

reported that more will follow the change, these changes as well as the relevant personnel reshuffle trump’s comments, also increases the chances of the other top officials leave, such as White House chief of staff, kelly and national security adviser, McMaster, this both with my boss some variance.

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