The senate by a $1.3 trillion spending bill The government managed to avoid shutdown

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overseas network local time on March 23 (Reuters) – (23) on Friday, the United States senate begins to procedural vote in the $1.3 trillion spending bill. According to Reuters, the senate in 67:30 votes to pass the bill. At this point, the spending bill, passed by both houses of congress, American funding government run before September, the U.S. government thus avoid close situation. Bill will be submitted to trump signature next.

after 21 evening local time, the us congress bipartisan budget group finally reached an agreement, draw up the draft, the $1.3 trillion spending for the U.S. government & other; Throughout life &; In the year to September. 22, the United States is the bill passed the house have enough votes.

it is understood that the expenditure budget of $1.3 trillion, from $700 billion in defense spending and 591 billion of the defence budget of two parts. Lawmakers said the policy package is & other; Ing & throughout; , of which 280 million of funds used to develop a vaccine to fight opioid, 380 million funding to help states prevent network attacks, 1.6 billion strengthen border security and immigration enforcement budget, and to promote infrastructure spending across the country, and so on.

on February 8, 20 days just stopped for a time the American government, and closed face crisis. At that time, are sent to congress voted the draft budget, but Kentucky republican senator Paul Rand Pual) refused to vote, also criticized us & other; Hypocrisy & throughout; . Because of him, the U.S. government closed at the second time this year.

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