The ministry of commerce: China door is always open but there is a principle of negotiations

Beijing, March 29 (xinhua) (reporter jia xin) in China and the United States has been in discussions to avoid a trade war, commerce ministry spokesman peak 29, said China’s door is always open negotiations, but there is a principle of negotiations, must be equal and constructive.

summit was held in the ministry of commerce said at a news conference. He particularly stressed that both sides is principled negotiation, the United States must give up unilateralism, trade protectionism; Negotiations must be equal, China will not accept any negotiations under the stress of unilateral; Negotiations should be constructive and balanced, needs the joint efforts of both sides.

he also pointed out that the basis & other; Throughout 301 survey &; Tariffs for China, both under a violation of article 2 of GATT1994 the tariff concession promise, also in violation of the most-favoured-nation treatment obligations under article 1 is openly challenge to multilateral trade rules.

& other; As to how to solve the sino-us trade disputes, I think that tied the bell on the tiger take must still be, the United States must stop its mistake and put its unilateralism, the trade protectionism & lsquo; Stick & rsquo; Through the negotiations both sides equal, mutual benefit, to find a win-win solution. Throughout the &; The summit said. The