The creeping! Thailand airport baggage subject to steal Chinese tourists property

Beijing, March 13 (Reuters), Thailand “world journal” reported local time on March 12, Thailand’s prime wang police arrested a woman’s international airport baggage X-ray, which is suspected of stealing Chinese tourists in a work of property, a total of 4000 yuan.

in the afternoon 3 PM, the police will be at the airport, wang’s international airport west education mansion of a female baggage X-ray BuSha palace (26) arrested, because she was suspected of theft in the working process of the female one Chinese tourist 4000 yuan in cash, the criminal process all surveillance video recorded.

BuSha palace to steal things confessed to himself, said he is new, just at that time possessed at that time.

but the airport didn’t believe JiDiPeng BuSha palace, deputy director of the confession, his explanation says, from the point of surveillance video, BuSha palace steal money movements, so not as for first-time offenders.

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