The court Saudi revocation of the Sept. 11 requests the or face a huge compensation

the saudis want to cancel the us & other; 9 & middot; 11 & throughout; Responsibility for its initiation lawsuit, the United States, a federal judge 28 rejected the request, the case will be able to continue.

according to the procedure, if convicted, Saudi Arabia will be required to pay billions of dollars in compensation to the victims’ families.

, Reuters reported Wednesday, responsible for the case of the United States Manhattan federal judge George & middot; Daniels (George Daniels) said that the plaintiff’s account provides a reasonable basis for him, he can in accordance with the law sponsor of terrorism act 2016 (commonly known as 9 & middot; Exercise jurisdiction over 11 bill).

more than 800 in & other; 9 & middot; 11 & throughout; Terrorist attacks in the injury or loss of the plaintiff joint proposed the case a year ago. In January of this year, citing a lack of evidence on behalf of the Saudi lawyer, called on the United States court dismissed the action.

rejected the request of the Saudi side, after the judge daniels said that the plaintiff may attempt to provide evidence, prove the Saudi government responsible for two of the accused person’s behavior. The two men accused of helping & other; 9 & middot; 11 & throughout; Event the hijackers to hide in the United States, as well as the attacks on the preparation of assistance. One of them was suspected to be a Saudi intelligence officials.

Riyadh argues that the plaintiff cannot provide any evidence to prove that the Saudi government officials, employees or agents involving & other; 9 & middot; 11 & throughout; The attacks.

, Reuters reported the judge were also removed the two this & middot; Bin laden family control of the bank charges. Daniels, the reason is that he has no jurisdiction over the matter.

Riyadh’s lawyers were not immediately available to comment. In New York City on the Saudi stock market activity, the Saudi capital markets authority chairman Mohammed & middot; AiErKu watts (Mohammed a. ElKuwaiz) declined to court will decide whether to Saudi investment in the United States have A negative impact.

a case the plaintiffs’ lawyers, James & middot; Karen, (James Kreindler) to the media, said he felt & other for daniels the judge’s decision Joy & throughout; .

& other; We have been urging the judicial process and relevant parties to continue the case survey, only in this way can the complete truth emerged, and reveals the Saudi & lsquo; 9 & middot; 11 & rsquo; The role of. Throughout the &; He said in a telephone interview.

the Saudi government has denied for killing 3000 people & other; 9 & middot; 11 & throughout; The attacks have any degree of involvement. However, in April 2016, the U.S. house of representatives intelligence committee had released & other; 9 & middot; 11 & throughout; Terrorist attacks of the survey about the Saudi confidential content associated with terrorists may exist.

according to the report, & other; 9 & middot; 11 & throughout; Event parts during the hijackers had contact with the Saudi government may be related to personnel, and accept the help of the latter, but can’t say for sure whether these possible to help the Saudi government intentional.

in May and September 2016, the United States and other 9 & middot; 11 bill & throughout; In both houses of congress passed, this would allow & other; 9 & middot; 11 & throughout; Families of the victims to Sue the Saudi government. After the bill was then President Obama to veto, but congress after a few days, the President’s decision was overturned by the landslide. The bill is depriving the Saudi in & other; 9 & middot; 11 & throughout; After the event has been sovereign immunity.

in October 2016, a in & other; 9 & middot; 11 & throughout; Events in the loss of her husband’s American women formally charged the Saudi government. The case became & other; 9 & middot; 11 bill & throughout; By the victims’ families after the first case in Saudi Arabia.

in March 2017, the United States hundreds of & other; 9 & middot; 11 & throughout; Terrorist attack victims’ families to Saudi Arabia filed a class action lawsuit, they accused Saudi Arabia to & other; Base & throughout; Funding and other support organizations.