The British expulsion of Russian diplomats test of Mr Putin’s time!


on March 18th, Mr Putin’s big day. There is no doubt, he will be elected President of Russia again, stay in office until 2024.

but the time has come for Mr Putin. A new round of more fierce battle started.

the UK just announced that expel 23 Russian diplomats, deadline to leave in a week. This is the UK’s largest in 30 years expelled diplomats behavior at a time.

also announced that the United States, Germany, France and other countries to coordinate action, to Russia.

let Britain’s prime minister, Teresa & middot; May go out of anger, Mr Putin seems increasingly bolder, even in broad daylight, now in Britain came for business deals.

comprehensive media coverage:

1. 4, this month, Russia’s double agent, kerry parr, and daughter, suddenly was found on a street in a coma. In her later found that both the nerve agents for & other; novy jock & throughout; , & other; Military level & throughout; Agents, by the Soviet union in & other; Throughout the cold war &; Near the end of the development.

, according to the British, it is 1946 years later, gas for the first time in western European countries. especially for British people angry, & other; Novy jock & throughout; Than the common nerve agents such as sarin and VX & other; More dangerous & throughout; , lethal is 5 to 10 times. Now has appeared in the UK, once spread, it also got.

3, broad daylight an assassination, also use the poison of the violation of international rules, obviously, this is not the British, is an affront to the UK.

4 who would kill a Russian fugitive spy? The British first reaction: must be Mr Putin, Russia’s President, the KGB officer. Moreover, this kind of poison, is thought to have used to support the assassination of the Russian government.

so angry Teresa & middot; Mei an ultimatum, the limit of Russia in 13 & other; Credible response & throughout; , otherwise, as Russia to Britain launched a military attack.

but one time in the past, the British, etc, etc, Mr Putin has no response, seems to be very dismissive.


although Mr Putin did not comment, but the fact is that the Russian government has responded to, roughly three attitudes:

the first, I didn’t do;

second, I don’t know who did it;

third, we don’t have this kind of gas.

the Russian embassy said, big things, you should let Russia to participate in a joint investigation.

the British mouth be spirit slanting, let the russians, it can survey the result?

but Russia rakes, don’t let us participate in the survey, you will not be able to as we do.

and Russia also said, now out of this thing, the west is interference in Russia’s election, hinder Mr Putin to be President.

it is all sorts of wrangling.

in the end, the ultimatum time, Russia didn’t any response, anger can only go by the British, in addition to expel 23 Russian diplomats, also suspended all high-level activities between Britain and Russia, including foreign minister talks between Britain and Russia.

but for Mr Putin, in fact also have no way to British people.

as initially proposed sanctions to the UK to resist Russia this summer’s World Cup.

the most British officials to go to, also is not sent if banned the England football team, crazy English fans have to Teresa & middot; Mei torn.

and, the British prepare expelled Russian media. But Russia also said, if the British closed & other; Russia today & throughout; Television (RT) in the branches, & other; A British media don’t want to work in Russia & throughout; .

and the Russian foreign ministry spokesman hello Eva, also offered Mr Putin has just introduced a series of new weapons, said you British don’t scare us to Russia.


in the end, three opinions:

first, britons are incompetent, in broad daylight, spy a poison. And so many days passed, and haven’t caught the murderer, 007? It seems that film you want to be cool.

second, run into so of Russia, the UK does only wasted! Horizontal afraid of leng, leng was not scared, not desperately afraid of don’t what, again dozen however Russia, you call Teresa a broad Elizabeth?

third, the KGB means really biting, spies have fled to the UK, or after the end, and no scruples with super weapons, indeed it was undetected. Of course, Russia also said that we didn’t do. Believe it or not, anyway, Mr Putin believed.

of course, for Mr Putin, this also is not necessarily a good one million head. New six-year presidential term is about to begin, but suddenly happened this matter, will worsen the Russia’s diplomatic situation, a series of sanctions are coming. The russians and to tighten their belts.

more fierce struggle, has only just begun. The west and Russia, the usual, none of Chinese business, for China, should be no bad thing.

English only a little joy, at least in the 007 movie, bond is always the bane of Russian agents.

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