South Korea joint military exercises or falling tone, drill size and length are shrinking

a south Korean military official said, the upcoming South Korea annual joint military exercises with the United States and other The key decisions throughout the &; With & other; The vultures & throughout; Size will be relatively narrow, duration will be shortened.

16 South Korea’s yonhap news agency reported, citing the sources, & other; The vultures & throughout; Is due to start in early April, duration reduced from the previous two month to one month.

reported that U.S. B— 1 b type strategic bombers, such as aircraft carrier strike group & other; Strategic assets & throughout; Repeatedly in recent years, the situation on the Korean peninsula nervous time deployment in the nearby area, but these & other; Big bombshell & throughout; Will not participate in the exercise. In addition, & other; The key decisions throughout the &; Exercise is due to start next week.

however, the joint chiefs of staff, senior officials Kenneth & middot; Mackenzie, previously said in a news conference, he doesn’t think this year a joint military exercises with the United States and other Would ever have any difference & throughout; . Mackenzie said, held every year the United States and South Korea and other A series of powerful military exercises & throughout; .

korea-u.s. joint command, a spokesman said, & other; The key decisions throughout the &; And & other The vultures & throughout; The date, duration and other details is due to announce next week.

the north has been accusing South Korea joint military exercise is & other; Assault toward war exercises & throughout; , often respond by missile tests, cause tensions in the Korean peninsula.

to pyeongchang winter games as an opportunity to inter-korean relations, warm. South Korea and held at the end of the original 2 & other; The key decisions throughout the &; And & other The vultures & throughout; Joint military exercises until after the winter paralympics. Earlier this month, the south Korean delegation to visit north Korea, the United States, announced next month in the inter-korean summit held in panmunjom, head of the us and the DPRK agreed to meet before the end of may.

& other; The key decisions throughout the &; Exercises to computer simulation as the main form, and in South Korea joint command post simulation of various scenarios, in order to promote the South Korea and the United States army cooperative engagement capability. & other; The vultures & throughout; Drill with outdoor motor training is given priority to, the actual force and equipment, involved in land, sea and air services, etc.

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