Saudi Arabia and the visa 79.1 billion arms big trump: they like to buy peanuts

on March 20, local time, President of the United States trump in the White House, met with visiting Saudi Arabia’s crown prince and defence minister muhammad & middot; This & middot; Salman (Mohammed bin Salman). The New York times reported that, Saudi Arabia and the United States have reached $12.5 billion (RMB 79.1 billion) for large sheet. Trump said, $12.5 billion for Saudi like & other; Peanuts & throughout; The same money. DetailPic

trump meet Mohammed Oriental IC figure

& Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed sdot; This & sdot; Salman this month with unusual & other; A long line & throughout; Open diplomatic debut: 4, first visit to Egypt, and then go to the UK, visit to the United States on the 19th, 20th and President Donald & sdot; Trump.

the New York times reported that trump & welcome to Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed middot; This & middot; Salman’s arrival, and reiterated his support for the ambitious young monarch. Trump to muhammad is determined to reform in Saudi Arabia, adjustment of the Middle East.

according to bloomberg, foreign media reported that through this meeting, Saudi Arabia and the United States finally struck a $12.5 billion deal for large.

in the oval office, shows the trump of Saudi Arabia to the United States to buy $12.5 billion worth of arms chart, covers the warships, missile defense systems, aircraft, and combat vehicles , etc. According to the independent newspaper reported, said trump, Saudi Arabia in the United States to buy weapons and equipment, including the U.S. company manufacturing of aircraft, missiles, frigates, etc.

during the show, trump said: & other; Some are already approved, is currently in construction, will soon to Saudi Arabia, used in the defence of the country. Throughout the &;

& other; You look at the amount of the $3 billion, the $533 million, the $525 million, it is for you & lsquo; Peanuts & rsquo; (penny) & throughout; .

tells a reporter, trump & other; Relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia is arguably the best ever, we understand each other. Saudi Arabia is a rich country, they will pass the purchase order to share their wealth with the United States, to create more jobs in the United States. Throughout the &;

trump said to Mohammed, & other; $12.5 billion for you like & lsquo; Peanuts & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

according to the xinhua news agency, mohamed responded that Saudi Arabia’s order for us to create 4 million direct and indirect job opportunity, and said that Saudi Arabia plans to invest $200 billion in the United States.

the CNBC said that Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest military customers in America, in the past nine months, the United States by selling weapons to Saudi received $54 billion in revenue.

it is understood that trump had visited Saudi Arabia, in May 2017 and announced a $110 billion arms sales agreement. But the media ridicule, according to the actual implementation of the amount is little, and some orders under former President barack Obama’s tenure has been implemented.

show in Saudi Arabia to trump the United States to buy arms chart Oriental IC figure

a senior U.S. official said, in this meeting also trump and Mohammed, two people talked about a lot of problems, including Iran’s nuclear agreement, Qatar, yemen and other hot topics.

the official said, trump said Iran’s nuclear agreement is again & other; Throughout history’s worst &; Agreement, but he did not say he plans to do next.

in addition to trump, and Mohammed luncheon meeting at the White House and the vice President of the United States mike & middot; Burns (Mike Pence), trump has just been appointed to replace tillerson cia director Mike & middot; Peng’s Mr (Mike Pompeo), America’s national security advisor Mike & middot; Masters (McMaster). After lunch, prince muhammad met with congressional leaders of both parties on Capitol hill.

in the evening, prince muhammad and trump’s son-in-law, White House senior adviser jared & middot; Kushner (Jared Kushner), strong PuZhongDong peace envoy Jason & middot; Greenblatt (Jason d. Greenblatt), the national security council Middle East senior director Michael & middot; Bell (Michael Bell) dinner together.

the three men to the prince Mohammed is briefly introduced their Israeli and Palestinian peace plan, said the plan had almost finished, but after trump admitted to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, by the resistance.

prince Mohammed at this two weeks, most of the trip outside Washington. He plans to travel to New York, Boston, silicon valley, Los Angeles and Houston, visit, including apple, Google and lockheed Martin’s company.

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince and defence minister muhammad & middot; This & middot; Salman Oriental IC figure

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