Russia said never study nerve agents “novy jock”

Moscow on March 17 (xinhua) (reporter LuJinBo) Russian foreign ministry spokesman said hello Eva 17, Russia or the Soviet union has never been accused by the nerve agents & other; Novy jock & throughout; Project research, and the United Kingdom, the United States, the Czech republic, Sweden and other countries or in the study of the project. The Czech republic and Sweden denies.

hello Eva on the same day in Russia 24 television said that the British side holding agent sample does not open, come to the conclusion that my reasoning alone probably in weave lies right from the start. She said, the United Kingdom, the United States, Slovakia and the Czech republic or Sweden in the late 1990 s and even today is likely to be in research & other; Novy jock & throughout; Project, is the most likely source of the country.

the Czech caretaker government’s foreign minister, Luo Puni, 17, said the Russian foreign ministry said nerve agents from the Czech republic is unfounded. Czech caretaker government defense minister lech said, Czech strictly abide by the banned chemicals research and development, production and diffusion of relevant international conventions, the Czech republic is responsible for chemical defense forces to protect this kind of chemical materials in case of diffusion.

Sweden’s foreign minister valls trent 17 against Russia related charges on social media, according to the Russian charges & other; Unacceptable and unwarranted & throughout; That Russia should be a reply on the British side.

according to British media reports, former Russian intelligence Scripps parr Wiltshire, a county in the UK and its daughter 4, Salisbury street coma. British police said that two people in the nerve agents. The British government said Russia & other; Most likely & throughout; Related to this matter.

15, Britain’s prime minister, Teresa & middot; Mei, the President of the United States trump, Germany’s chancellor, Angela merkel and French President marolon issued a joint statement, demanded that Russia is kerry parr case explain relevant issues. Statement accused Russia of violating the chemical weapons convention and international law, asked Russia to ban on chemical weapons organization & other; Comprehensive public throughout the &; Nerve agents & other; Novy jock & throughout; The related projects. (participate in reporter:., FuYiMing)

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