Powerful! The new robot will not only graffiti but also climb the wall

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on August 24, SprayPrinter’s new graffiti robot can climb the building, in the computer control to complete a colorful murals at one time.

SprayPrinter was founded in 2016 and has released a device that uses app control to allow the user to complete a painting by simply moving the paint tank on the surface of the object. This device can track the movement trajectory, through the Bluetooth connection, control the timing of spraying paint.

And this new graffiti robot, built on the old design, not only can carry five cans of paint, but also to climb the building and in accordance with the program set to create art painting, no longer need to manually switch paint. At the time of the first demonstration, it painted a murals of a woman in five colors on a chimney. In the painting process, can adjust the duration of each color spray, one by one to complete the entire painting. Another difference is that the new robot is no longer using the camera to feedback and use the computer connection, the computer controls the movement of the robot and the timing of spraying the pigment.

“At the very beginning of the company, our plan was to create an automatic device for drawing frescoes, and the hand-held version was only the first step.” About half a year later, the team will be releasing a more post-adjustment, “said Mihkel Joala, founder of the company. A new version of the graffiti robot for user-friendly operation. But they did not disclose more technical details, such as how high the robot can climb, it takes a mural how long it takes.