Political crisis fermentation, a former President of the maldives, people were charged with wade

the maldives President yaming (Yameen). & have spent

the maldives government, 21, said the authorities to wade will charged the country’s former President Gayoom (Gayoom) and a number of senior government officials and judges. They were accused of trying to overthrow President yaming (Yameen). & have spent

the united Arab emirates (uae) the Gulf News (News) reported, according to the maldives last month issued emergency law, the 80 – year – old gayoom and chief justice Saeed (Abdulla Saeed) and 10 people accused & other; Stakeholders throughout the &; . & have spent

the gulf news reported that the maldives on 21st prosecutors said to & other; ACTS of terrorism throughout the &; And & other Obstruction of justice & throughout; Charges to prosecute has 30 years of former President gayoom. Authorities charged 11 defendants were trying to overturn the government yaming. & have spent

gayoom last month 6, the morning in the capital male’s domicile of the maldives police arrested. Gayoom said in a twitter message, for his arrest was & other; Illegal & throughout; . & have spent

with the incumbent President gayoom yaming’s half-brother, begin from 1978, as President of the maldives, and successively five consecutive term. He power yaming successfully elected President in 2013, but yaming ruling after the two brothers quarreled. At present, gayoom is the maldives the important leader of the opposition coalition. & have spent

surging news previously reported, the maldives supreme law ruling by February 1, the requirements under the leadership of President yaming government acquitted former President nasheed nine opposition leaders. Opposition supporters then took to the streets to celebrate and clashed with police. & have spent

on February 4, ruling by the supreme law again, the President says yaming refused to release opposition leader, to impeachment. The maldives government announced on February 5th, the country began to implement a state of emergency for a period of 15 days, at the same time ordered the security forces to arrest the chief justice.

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