People’s Daily overseas edition: stop Chinese technology progress, it is futile

in the near future, the United States announced a high tariff on imported steel and aluminum products, and published in China 301 survey results, threatening & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; Involved in many industries to impose high import duties, which makes the world into a trade war tensions.

the original, care in the United States is not only a trade deficit with China, and China’s technological progress. Recently, there is a former U.S. politicians to deliver a speech, said China’s core technology in all-round challenge for the United States, and will be directed at & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; , 5 g, etc.

the United States really feel from & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; The challenge. Some American people think Chinese stealing American technology, are not developed on its own. Thus, the desire by raising tariffs hinder the pace of China’s core technology, so as to maintain the monopoly of the core technology. Although the Chinese government has repeatedly stressed that & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; Is open, foreign companies equally internally, welcome to the United States to participate in, but the United States is technology hegemony, rules, hegemony, so can’t tolerate China & other Challenge & throughout; .

before signed the memorandum of administrative trump, United States trade representative Wright jersey in his speech, pointed out that the 301 investigation is aimed at science and technology. Focus areas of science and technology is the future of competition, the core technologies and in the field of discourse, the standard will involve the industry’s future competition, even include the formulation of a new international standard. Competition in the field of science and technology between China and the United States including its home market, the core technology and the future international rules of three parts.

in recent years, China vigorously promote chip and independent research and development in the field of artificial intelligence and so on the key ability, this is the background of the United States to launch a trade war with China. China has the largest digital economy than the United States, second only to the United States in the field of artificial intelligence. The United States to maintain a monopoly, to ensure the new emerging industry rules, so now is for the protection of intellectual property rights not let China enter the American market. Worry not only in the United States is the product of the problem, and the problem of system, is a matter of industrial control of 4.0.

the United States on the grounds that the alleged threat to U.S. national security, from the perspective of ideological restrict China’s export of beauty, is worried about China’s emerging industry launched a challenge to the United States. Because once the monopoly of the chip broken by China, China will not only reduce chip imports to the United States, the future may also export, squeeze the American market. These concerns are makes the United States now chip of death in China.

trying to trade war damage & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; Momentum, stop Chinese technology progress, this is trump’s wishful thinking. Trump is also serve in the United States this year’s mid-term elections.

however, trump’s wishful thinking, will sacrifice consumers in the United States, and will be back in China, has hurt himself and eventually could not stop Chinese technology progress, will only let the world see the essence of the selfish again. America is very bad influence, not only destroy the order of international trade, more destroyed the late-development country pursue the pace of the western developed countries.

often blamed the problems of its own on the other side, made a fundamental mistake in the strategic judgment, will only SunRenHaiJi, mess up the world. This kind of practice is unpopular.

(the author to chongyang, renmin university of China financial institute, a senior research fellow at the China council for the promotion of international trade experts committee)