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What to Expect on Your First Visit To a Vancouver Cannabis Dispensary

You may have an interesting experience when you decide to shop at a marijuana shop. It may both surprising and interesting to visit a shop that is selling the stiff especially if you have been living in a prohibited state. You may think that this cannot be real, but the business of selling and buying marijuana is becoming more real than it was before. In the recent past most parts of USA are selling the stuff in the dispensaries. However If you have never had the experience if shopping for marijuana. Here is what you are likely to experience.

The first things that you will experience is the fact that all the shops want cash only transaction. The other thing you should be prepared to do is to carry your identification. Whenever you get to a marijuana shop, the effort thin they will tell you to do is to give your identification. In marijuana shop security is something that is taken seriously. It is important to know that without an Id you will not be allowed to do your transaction.

You may also find that you have to wait for some time. After you are screened and allowed inside., you will have to sit and wait until there is a budtender who is free to serve you. There are many magazines that you can read or watch a program on television as you wait. There are dispensaries that allow a customer to have a real experience by allowing them to walk around and make some choice at their own time. There are times when you feel like you have to make your decision in a hurry when the many people waiting after you. When you feel like you are rushed, you can always ask for more time.

The next experience that you have to go through is the selection process. Most dispensaries will have a wide variety of concentrates and edibles, multiple strains of high-quality cannabis flower and many other exciting items to choose your stuff. You also need to know that you will be limited to what you can buy each day. Therefore you need to know what you will be allowed before you choose so many things that you will be asked to leave behind.

There is also something else that is worth noting. You need to know that you will earn loyalty points or any other form of rewards from most of the dispensaries. There are several ways that the dispensaries just to ensure that they reward their customers. There are those hat prefer using text messages while others have apps that you can download on your phone. The dispensaries use any of the many techniques to ensure their customers are so glad all the time. Whichever shop you select; you need to know what payment methods are appropriate.

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