News background: the seventh session of the presidential election in Russia

xinhua Vladivostok, March 18 news background: Russian federation, the seventh President

the xinhua news agency reporter wu gang

the Russian federation, the seventh President elections formal vote at 18.

according to the “electoral law of the Russian federation President, the President is the head of state, Russia’s President through direct elections, elected for a term of 6 years. Any one over the age of 35 years old, in the permanent more than 10 years the citizens can run for President of the Russian federation.

according to data released by the central election commission, as of January 1 this year, there are about 1. 100 million Russian citizens have the right to vote, of which about 1.88 million people living abroad all the year round. Russia’s domestic voters can vote in the actual settlement, voters can vote in Russia to embassies institutions overseas.

the election, set up in the polling stations across the country in 18 to 20 local time when open. Because the Russian territory across 11 time zones, located at the eastern end of the Russian territory Kamchatka peninsula of polls open in the Pacific coast areas such as the first time, and the west edge of kaliningrad polls open territory of time at the latest. In the remote and inaccessible areas, the polar regions, ocean-going vessels, border posts and some overseas areas, presidential elections on February 25 to March 17, held in advance.

according to the rules of Russia’s presidential election, won more than half the votes in the vote can be elected President. If there are two or more candidates, and any one candidate has failed to elected, the central election commission will be announced two votes, a leading candidate for the second round of voting; In the second round of voting, the voting was elected leader. This election is not set effective lowest turnout was elected.

in order to ensure the fair and transparent, the presidential election and 14 invited more than 86 countries and international organizations of supervision and more than 1000 foreign observers. To prevent fraud, the polling stations are installed a security camera. In addition, some polling stations installed electronic counting device, through the result of the vote scanned directly sent to special summary center. Russian federation subject election commission local network cameras are installed in the network activities related to vote within the territory of the main body of the Russian federation to broadcast live.

Russia’s central election commission after review identified eight presidential candidates, including the Russian President vladimir putin, the Russian federation LuJiNing, recommended by the communist party of the liberal Democrats, in the day’s base, and well-known television presenter sobchak, etc.

the outcome of the presidential election by Russia’s central election commission confirmed within 10 days after the vote, and officially announced within 3 days after confirmation.

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