New Zealand said: we also want to expel Russian intelligence agents But I didn’t find him

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data figure: New Zealand’s prime minister, jassin da & middot; Adebayor,

overseas network, March 27 (Reuters) after Britain and the United States, a total of more than 20 western countries announced it would expel Russian diplomats. Agence france-presse reported, local time on Tuesday (27th), New Zealand has said also want to for & other; Former spy poisoning & throughout; Expulsion of Russian diplomats, just within New Zealand really didn’t find Russian & other; Intelligence & throughout; .

according to the report, New Zealand, as Britain’s former colonies and & other Staunch ally & throughout; , said & other; In principle, support & throughout; In Britain, but as a result of New Zealand & other; The lack of & throughout; Russian espionage, so called & other; You can do less & throughout; .

it is reported that New Zealand’s prime minister, jassin da & middot; Adebayor grace (Jacinda Ardern) said in an interview with state administration of radio, & other; We have been in New Zealand to check, we don’t have here find undeclared Russian intelligence agents. If we find it, will drive them. Throughout the &; She said, & other; When it comes to a series of international interests, New Zealand is not in the list, this is really surprising? Actually not. Throughout the &;

but adriano said, New Zealand & other; Will continue to look at what can take further measures to attack in Sally “expressed support for the international community. Throughout the &;

reported that New Zealand is the global alliance for surveillance monitoring & other; Five eyes union & throughout; One of the members. Five eyes alliance, it is to point to Britain and the United States after world war ii in a number of secret agreement has multinational organizations monitoring, and including America, Britain, Canada and Australia.

after according to itar-tass reported, 26, local time, the government decided to expel 60 Russian diplomats, and close the Russian embassy in Seattle. Deported from the us side of the 60 people, including 48 embassy and 12 Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations personnel. In addition, Germany, Canada, Poland and France decide the expulsion of four diplomats, Lithuania and Czech out three Russian diplomats, Australia, Albania, Denmark, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands the expulsion of two Russian diplomats, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Norway, Croatia, Romania, Finland, Sweden and Estonia’s expulsion of one Russian diplomats, Ukraine’s decision to expel 13 Russian diplomats.

the collective deportation of Russian diplomats, originated in Britain has accused Russia of poison before & other; Double agent & throughout; Scripps parr. On March 4, Scripps parr father and daughter were found in a coma in Sally, “on the bench in the UK. Britain, said two people were developed by the former Soviet union nerve agents & other; Novy jock & throughout; Attack. On March 14, Britain’s prime minister, announced the expulsion of 23 diplomat and a series of measures.

Russia denied that the British side all charges, says, in both the Soviet union and Russia are not existed in research and development project of such material. In response, Russia announced the expulsion of 23 British diplomat, close the consulate general of the British embassy in st Petersburg, the British parliament must also stop operation in Russia. At the same time, the Russian side pointed out that if the other party have & other; Any more hostile actions & throughout; And Russia will take further measures. Compile/overseas network Jiang Shu –