New White House chief economic adviser, exactly what position?

TV anchors a promotion to remember.

recently, the personnel changes of the White House seems to be more frequent, have voluntarily resigned, also some people was fired.

according to U.S. media reports, because on the steel and aluminium duties disagreed with trump, Gary & middot; Cohen (Gary Cohn) on March 6, stepped down as the White House national economic council director.

on March 15, the United States, ordinary a Twitter announced that the 70 – year – old American financial television anchor larry & middot; Library DE los (Larry Kudlow) will replace Cohen, served as director of the national economic council and the White House chief economic adviser.

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as the core of the government’s economic policy, the important position of the White House national economic council is obvious. It is in the top of the White House economic policy, but its influence, the leader. The Washington post, said Cohen in negotiations policy seems to have a certain weight.

and the new White House chief economic adviser, people still has a lot of questions on it. He had on CNBC television host & other; Library DE los report & throughout; (The Kudlow Report), also interviewed The trump.

the connections that library DE los exactly? In office, he will take the White House economic policy where?

interesting career

before becoming CNBC television presenter, library DE los career is rather rich.

he first stepped into the economy, started to join the federal reserve bank of New York. However, since there is no master’s degree in economics, library DE los only as a primary economic analysts.

in the early 1980 s, library, also once entered the White House, is Ronald & middot; Reagan (Ronald Reagan) members of the President’s economic team, the office of management and budget of the White House, to help set economic policy.

according to the New Yorker, kurds, call the Reagan government by many, & other; After you put forward views, once the President to make a decision, you have to put down other options & throughout; , & other Our job is to implement policy decision & throughout; .

this, obviously different from Cohen. The financial times reported that Cohen inside the White House over trade issues in a fierce struggle, and then quit.

Sun Quanshe image: Beijing,

in 1987 to 1987, The library DE los as Wall Street investment bank Bear stearns (The Bear Stern Companies) chief economist. Ten years ago, the investment bank collapsed in the subprime mortgage crisis.

later, library presided over DE los began to focus on television. Before this and is very similar to trump, in politics, trump has also served as the reality TV show the apprentice’s executive producer and host.

however, bloomberg, library DE los economic forecasting record extremely poor. Especially before the subprime crisis, he strongly denied the United States in the TV could fall into economic crisis.

this does not seem to affect the trump’s faith in him. In 2016, in the presidential campaign, the library DE los began to work as consultants to trump, also with the finance minister, Mr Qin designed successfully pass in congress in December last year’s tax cuts.

, Reuters said library DE los experience working in TV stations can help him sell trump economic policy to the public, including tax cuts advocating into an economic achievements.

Cohen resigned, thinking of the former friends trump, ask DE los willing to accept the position, he readily accepted.

eastern time on Wednesday afternoon, White House spokeswoman Sarah & middot; Sanders confirmed to the media, the library of Dolores will replace Cohen, become the new chief economic adviser to the White House.

China news agency reporters Liao Pan taken photo: news

& other; I have many things to do, very excited also very honored to do it. The last time I work in the White House is in Ronald & middot; Reagan’s first term, which after some time, but now I want to come back, is a big surprise for me. Throughout the &; Library of Dolores says.

said trump, he likes to Kurdish, because the TV commentator in his presidential campaign is unlikely to be successful is one of the first to support him.

not firm supporters of free trade

library DE los predecessor Cohen, is a proponent of free trade, he was opposed to trump an import tax of steel and aluminium plan, think it will damage the downstream industry.

at the end of the day, trump still signed tariff plan, Cohen later announced his resignation. Therefore, the library of Dolores attitude to tariffs, is particularly noteworthy.

the financial times, says DE los advocates of free trade and tax cuts and enjoy media attention. His point of view consistent with trump in some areas, and in other areas there is resistance.

take tariff, library DE los initially expressed explicitly opposed.

he published an article called, for foreign high tariffs will eventually be passed on to consumers in the United States, is in & other; Sanctions country & throughout; , and even kept 140000 iron and steel workers, but there will be 5 million workers may suffer the other related industries. DetailPic

picture sources: twitter screenshot

the Wall Street journal, said he has repeatedly denounced trump position on trade issues, the rising budget deficits, trump obvious preference of the weak dollar and hopes to use the trade deficit as the economic vitality of evidence issued a warning.

, for example, library, to support a strong dollar, against the government is trying to use the weak dollar trump cut the trade deficit.

in the article, he wrote, & other; A strong dollar is the key of low inflation and economic prosperity. While the tax is a trump to promote growth of Homer, but we fear that the White House may not have taken this strategy (a strong dollar). Throughout the &;

however, library DE los didn’t seem so determined, show some flexibility in some ways.

trump said: & other; He has instead that tariffs DE los (library) is a bargaining chip. We are talk about trade agreement, if there is no tariff, we won’t do so well. Throughout the &;

in an interview with the Associated Press, library DE los said: & other; In general, I agree with the policy direction of trump. Throughout the &; He also praised in the past 14 months trump economic contribution, & other; After the economy began to take off, we also can do better & throughout; .

for the White House national economic council, library DE los reply: in the New Yorker & other; Its role is to provide information to the President and the professional knowledge, and not to promote any specific action. Throughout the &;

“Japanese economic news” said that on trade policy, the U.S. government’s tough stance is likely to strengthen. Government is creating further boost trump & other; The priority & throughout; The squad.

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