Nepal over age 49 death crash two years witnesses about horror scene

Nepal on March 12th afternoon local time, a passenger plane flying from Bangladesh’s capital dhaka to Kathmandu, terry cloth in Kathmandu international airport when a sharp turn overshot the runway and cause fire. There are 49 people confirmed dead, 22 people were rescued and was taken to a local hospital, part of the staff seriously.

on the day of the Chinese embassy in Nepal, said in a news release by the multi-channel, the plane in the direction of the accident is a Chinese citizen.


survivors at the hospital for treatment. The Times of India figure

survivors said the plane crash before acutely exception

survivors Basanta Bohara said in an interview with the Washington post, from Bangladesh capital within 1 hour and 40 minutes before the departure flight is smooth, until the plane’s landing shaking to Kathmandu, then hit the football field, near the airport in a noise in the crash and burst into flames.

Bohara is the Nepal tour operators to Bangladesh for training, after the plane crashed, he escape from a broken window, and was sent to a nearby Norwich international hospital for treatment.

& other; All of a sudden, the plane began to shake violently, issued after a loud noise, & throughout; Bohara said. & other; Thank god I’m alive. Throughout the &;

witnesses said: the scene of the accident of smoke storms, resin cross over

Amanda Summers is a retired American living in Kathmandu, she was standing at the time of the accident in their roof overlooking the airport. In a telephone interview with CNN, Summers said the crash before the aircraft’s flight level & other; Lower abnormal & throughout; . Other witnesses said the plane before it crashed began to swing.

witnesses described a scene of chaos in the rescue operation, great clouds of smoke hung over the sky; Charred bodies can be seen everywhere. Survivors were pulled out from the debris, screaming for help with their own language, the site & other Gruesome & throughout; .

the Nepal army aid workers Balkrishna Upadhyay says, & other; At 5 PM, as the sun is setting, 16 ambulance after, from the crash site out, at least one in every car yellow long zipper bag. Throughout the &; After the accident, Upadhyay immediately rushed to the airport, and witnessed almost the whole rescue after.


the scene graph.

crash cause is under investigation, not rule out the possibility of technology failure

Nepal’s civil aviation administration bureau chief says Sanjiv Gautam told The Times of India, the aircraft should be from the south side of runway landing, but it is from the north land. Traffic controllers told the captain he did not aim at the runway and asked him if everything is normal, he replied & other; Yes & throughout; . The civil aviation bureau chief, said & other; We haven’t been able to determine the reasons behind the abnormal landing & throughout; .

Nepal’s civil aviation administration ban its airlines to buy time for more than 15 years old plane. The accident flight models for bombardier Q – 400, the model is a kind of double production by Canada’s bombardier aerospace turboprop engine power with jet series, regional routes is the company’s best-selling models, belongs to small aircraft. In flight by the headquarters is located in the capital, dhaka, Bangladesh – Bangladesh airlines in the United States, according to, the plane at least 17 years of age.


the scene graph.

? Nepal’s plane crash in in recent years

on September 28, 2012, international airport by terry cloth, was scheduled to Everest Luke, near the west tower airlines flight 601 crashed in a few minutes after takeoff from the ma nahallal river near Kathmandu. Accident three 16 passengers and crew on board were killed.

on February 26, 2016, a plane carrying 11 people of Nepal’s small aircraft landing in flight, and the driver were killed and several passengers were injured; In two days before the accident, tara Nepal airlines an airliner crashed, killing all 23 people.

plane crash in Nepal, a big reason is because of its geographical location. Terry cloth to the crash accident Kathmandu international airport as an example, the airport is located in Kathmandu valley, 1300 meters above sea level, is of the highest level of nearly 3000 meters around the mountains, and mountain climate changeful, landing technology is a big test of the pilot.

in addition, the old and management of equipment of omission is one of the reasons for frequent plane crash. Xue-song zhang is China international airlines in Kathmandu, the former head of the office, in 2016, he told xinhua in an interview, he was on a helicopter from Kathmandu to the southern slope of the airport recently from mount Everest. He was sitting in the co-pilot position, found flow meter, current meter and so on four important instrument is bad. But after he told the captain, who were not.

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