South Korea Daegu Gyeongbond University of Science and Technology and the United States, Northwestern University, an international research team developed a wearable electronic skin. This electronic skin area is only about 4 square centimeters, can be directly attached to the skin, it can be the user’s heart rate, breathing, muscle movement and the health of the body through the wireless signal data transmitted to the smart phone.

It is understood that this electronic skin contains 50 parts, through the 250 catheter connection, these materials will be a piece of silica gel protection. Unlike ordinary biosensors, human skin is able to adapt to these substances. It can also pass through the skin to human activities, such as heartbeat, muscle, eye, brain activity, and the data sent to the smart phone App for analysis.

This electronic skin with three-dimensional design, compared with the previous similar products will appear lighter and more wear-resistant. The most important thing is that this electronic skin to support wireless charging, in the course of the process can save a lot of trouble. In addition with large data and artificial intelligence, electronic skin can be integrated into the medical system, to the patient diagnosis to bring more medical data.