Korean President lee myung-bak ShouXun end Prosecutors considered to arrest

Beijing, March 15 (xinhua) according to local media reports, local time, on the 15th morning, a former south Korean President lee myung-bak in 21 hours after the prosecution investigation, return home. It is reported that prosecutors will consider content and investigation results in Mr Lee’s statement, in the near future to the court to decide whether to lee myung-bak to arrest.

at 9 am local time, 14, 22, lee arrived in Seoul central public prosecutors, 9 day at xu, he as a suspect ShouXun, 25 points at six the next morning, he didn’t drive away the prosecutor’s office. Prosecutors questioned is reported to have ended at midnight local time 14, after li Ming face interrogation verify the Botswana, spent about 6 hours.

data figure: former south Korean President lee myung-bak.

data figure: former south Korean President lee myung-bak.

15 morning local time, President lee myung-bak ready to leave when the prosecutor’s office, in the media asked whether still deny that controlled the secret was the companies involved, DAS auto parts manufacturers, he only answer & other; Everyone hard & throughout; Immediately after the train left.

it is reported that prosecutors accused Mr. Lee suspected of bribery, misappropriation of public funds, malfeasance, evasion, abuse of power, in violation of the office of the electoral law, and the President records management, up to more than 20 suspected charges. It is reported, lee myung-bak statements in ShouXun, he never involved in samsung paid DAS costs 6 billion won, the national intelligence service and the company has paid special funding of 1.75 billion won.

according to prosecutors, Mr Lee said he knew nothing about these things, even if it does, it should also be a line workers involved. South Korean media said the Seoul central district prosecutor will report this week to attorney general wenwu a fastest findings, and ask for instructions to arrest and prosecution time working plan in the future.

it is understood that the prosecution team internal is generally believed that, given the amount of more than 10 billion won, major cases, and lee myung-bak denies the charges, at the risk of destroying evidence, so it is necessary for lee to arrest. Another argument is that because lee identity is special, the local election in June, the prosecution may be considered whether to arrest.

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