Florida shooting issued new rules: high school students can only use transparent bag

Beijing, March 22 (xinhua) according to & other; Cna & throughout; Reported that Douglas Florida high school last month major campus shootings killed 17 people. To strengthen safety control, new rules, issued by Douglas high school in the future all the students can carry only the school provide transparent bag to go to school.

it is reported that when Douglas high school back to school after spring break, according to new rules issued by the school, all students can only carry out free transparent backpack school. At the same time, all students must display their identification CARDS, school school entrance will be equipped with metal detectors.

however, Douglas high school students said that even if the switch to transparent bag, or equipped with metal detectors, also won’t feel safer.

Douglas broward county high school belong to public school district superintendent Aaron west (Robert Runcie) 21, announced that in order to comprehensively strengthen campus security, since in the past few weeks, all the schools in the district have been launched a number of new rules, including all the students and faculty on campus must be installed with certificate, the classroom will be to lock the door, the school gate and entrance locked in an all-round way, strengthen the campus security monitoring, contingency drills held on a regular basis, as well as to all the teachers and students held a workshop and so on.

new rules issued by shooting high school: Florida, us, students can only use transparent bag

data figure: on February 28, parker shooting of Douglas Florida high school classes, students and faculty to return to campus, a large number of police officers to maintain order.

the statement pointed out that school districts within all schools usually have to represent the gunners invasion & other; Red alert & throughout; Exercises which school districts are evaluation, together with the police will from next year on how to strengthen exercise content and frequency of exercises, is expected to be completed before June of this year all schools of real time video monitor system update.

next will continue to launch safety improvement measures, including a requirement that all visitors to the district schools, only from the campus from a single exit, will have bar to the entrance, the project will be completed in the first quarter of 2019 at the latest.

points out, a Florida by the new law, school districts will receive the state grants approximately $8.5 million, up from 2018-2018 academic year, every school in at least one school for school district police. At the same time, the latest legislation, Florida also let school district to receive $6 million in aid, mental health services in order to expand a plan.

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