Egypt’s official media: preliminary results showed that, ceci won the presidential election

Cairo March 29 (xinhua) the official Egyptian al-ahram 29 reported that Egyptian President election preliminary results showed that the incumbent President ceci won in the election, won re-election.

reported that in a total of about 25 million votes, ceci won about 23 million votes, with about 92%. Its competitors Egypt tomorrow party leader general & middot; Mustafa & middot; Musa vote is about 3%. The rest of the votes for invalid ballots.

by the total number of registered voters about 59 million people. According to preliminary results, turnout is about 42. 4%.

according to schedules, the national election commission said Egypt official results will be announced on April 2.

the presidential election has both candidates, respectively is the incumbent President ceci and Egypt tomorrow party leader moussa & middot; Mustafa & middot; Musa. Voting points of domestic and overseas two stages and overseas voting in Egypt 19 local time and three days of voting on the evening of 28 local time in over 10. Counting was launched.

the consensus forecast Egyptian media before the election, musa lack competitiveness, ceci will easily won a second term. Turnout will become the key indicators of the election, according to the degree of public support for the first term ceci.

in the 2014 presidential election, ceci in 96. 91% of the votes, the national voter turnout was about 47%.