Du Teer propaganda American: “melee” don’t take me in the future

according to Philippines business daily reported on March 22, President of the Philippines Du Teer, 21, said the Philippines will not join the war and the expedition of the United States. Du Teer, said the Philippines is always didn’t get anything, only get & other; Violence and suffering throughout the &; .

data figure: Du Teer with trump

data figure: Du Teer and trump

& other; Now I will say to us: no matter what you will do the expedition, in any other country in any war, don’t count us & throughout; . Reported that Du Teer is a good land in the Philippines province said a police academy graduation’s comments. Du Teer said, & other; Through the years of sacrifice, in addition to violence and suffering, we had nothing. We will be independent. Throughout the &;

reported that the Philippines has long been a U.S. Allies, the two countries signed a mutual defense treaty, and support each other when they meet external attacks in both countries. But disgust Du Teer, & other; They always requirements (their Allies) to participate in the expedition. Throughout the &;

earlier, on February 22nd, Du Teer, has said that he would not let the Philippines again involved in conflict involving the United States.

the Philippines business daily reported on Friday, February 23, Du Teer, 22, a speech in the Philippines iloilo province said: & other; America, in general is very good, but the policies of the United States make war everywhere. This time, I told them that. I will not allow to deploy troops in our country. Throughout the &;

Du Teer, said during his tenure, will no longer allow the Philippine troops to the u.s.-led overseas operations. Report said, Du Teer, said his recent statement also means that the Philippines will refuse to be involved in the United States and China in the south China sea the possibility of conflict.

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