Cook group facebook: sell user information is money, but I can’t do that apple

apple CEO Tim & middot; Cook (Tim Cook) joined the criticism of the lack of Facebook privacy protection.

on March 28, cook told MSNBC television interviews, Facebook users data, science and technology company user data privacy protection, and whether it should strengthen the supervision, making the comment. The talk show will be aired on April 6.

interview, cook implicitly criticized Facebook without detailed review of each to use its social networking app, Cambridge analysis to obtain the user data is connected to the third-party app leak of Facebook.

cook introduced the App Store App approval process, & other; We carefully check the details of each App, and has been seeking to improve, improve the barriers to entry. Throughout the &;

to the user data breaches, cook said, & other; We never thought this kind of thing should exist, these data contains a special depth of personal information, collected from different sources are packaged together after. Throughout the &;

the cook said, & other; If the customers for our products, we can make a small fortune, but we choose not to do that. Throughout the &;

after the Facebook has admitted that the user data is a data company analysis of Cambridge, Cambridge Analytica) improperly accessed, used to trump the team running for President of the United States in 2016 directed their political advertising. & other; Cambridge analysis & throughout; Event to make public concern about digital platform user privacy protection continues to increase, has also sparked technology companies should debate on how to collect and manage user data.

when asked if the face and Facebook CEO mark & middot; Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) things will do the same when the cook answered, & other; I won’t let herself in this situation. Throughout the &;

on March 28, according to the Wall Street journal reported that cook called for tighter regulation of privacy protection, he thinks that consumers need to higher visibility, should not only know their share what personal information on the Internet, you also need to understand how the company will be the information together to have a better understanding of the user.

the cook also said he is against the regulation, & other; But, I think we have done too. Now the regulators need to consider what to do. Throughout the &;

after zuckerberg analysis data after the leaking of exposure in Cambridge, for the first time to had an interview with CNN, for regulatory said don’t mind, and said I was thinking of not want oversight, but & other; What is the right of supervision & throughout; .

cook urge technology companies and regulators, to focus on individual digital information may be abused. He also called for more transparency, and about what kind of technology company is a collection of data, and how these data are used.

note that terms of the privacy policy, cook thinks, written by a lawyer now too much privacy policy, user is difficult to understand. For the users, is to encourage people to cook or to read each app, they use privacy policies of each site.

the business model of apple and Google, Facebook and other Internet companies.

according to the Wall Street journal, Google, Facebook and other Internet companies rely on advertising sales revenue, while apple’s revenue depends on the sales of its iPhone, tablet and other smart devices. Apple’s privacy protection measures based on the equipment, including the encryption of messages, and the sensitive personal data, such as face feature information stored in the local equipment, rather than the cloud server.