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The western media: the west has sent three gift China Trump in 4 times


& other; we enter the 21st century less than 20 years, but the west has been to China on the three gift . & throughout; This is the financial times recently an article.

and trump still send for the fourth time.

the tao & other; Strange we enjoyed & throughout; Which three western sent gift?

comprehensive coverage, gift is as follows:

the first gift: the war in Iraq in 2003.

in today to view, George w. bush in 2003 to wage war in Iraq, is completely wrong place at the wrong events launched a wrong war. To topple saddam hussein, the United States also inventing the saddam hussein had weapons of mass, but as a result, is the United States into the war.

in the words of the financial times:

the damage that war has gone far beyond the trump has done so far. As America’s then secretary of defense Donald rumsfeld said, the war in Iraq made western & within other Old & throughout; Europe and & other; New & throughout; The schism between in Europe. The war also caused the United States and its Allies direct spending more than $1 trillion & ndash; & ndash; Opportunity cost is higher.

more to the point, the war in Iraq has exposed the limitations of western military hard power. The conclusion of this review is: you can’t take a gun to force the people democracy. Moreover, & other; in China, under the watch of western squandered his hard and soft power. & throughout;

the second gift: the financial crisis in 2008.

very miserable, sending the gift is still a little bush, though he was the only MBA President in American history, but the financial crisis was completely wrecked his popularity. Remember the night, Mr Obama was elected in 2008 universities students gather outside in the White House in Washington, cry, & other Bush get out & throughout; , muddy, irrespective of the President George w. bush or are resting.

what is the result of the crisis? The image of the west began to bankruptcy.

in the words of the financial times:

the crisis exploded the myth of the western middle class more and more rich. As warren buffett says, when the tide goes out, we will see how many people are swimming naked. It turns out that western consumers have been deficit spending.

in addition, a lot of people said, but after the financial crisis is a global recession. In fact, this is only the Atlantic recession. The Chinese continue to maintain strong growth. Cuts in the west development loans, China filled the gap. Then, it was China & other One Belt And One Road & throughout; On the initiative, and is widely welcomed all over the world.

the third gift: is western populist.

the year before, let the world dumbfounded two black swan, one is the British should withdraw the referendum, the other one trump actually became the President of the United States.


the financial times that it has deep roots, because & other; in this century, most of the time people to the western system of trust has been declining. We no longer believe that our leaders serve us . Throughout the &;

especially to surprise the west, and more recently two things: one is the general election in Italy, the eu seems to have won a general election, randy likely to again when the prime minister silvio berlusconi and Another is the world’s poll, Chinese leaders support higher than that of americans, this is the first time since records began.

this world, really a little changed.


now, trump is send to China fourth gift.

in the words of the financial times, trump himself, is the west of China’s biggest gift.

in the words of this article:

the league of American’s advantage is its strength. Trump the weakened Allies such as Canada and Germany, the easier it is for China to fulfill the task of going global centre stage.

, for example, recently no one recently, trump to impose punitive tariffs on imported steel and aluminium. The eu is very angry, you don’t deal with China, how to deal with the Allies, then, the eu also prepared a corresponding list of revenge.

American republican senator lindsey graham, trump trump, you do so, not only didn’t & other Punishment & throughout; To China, but hurt America’s Allies.

that famous New York times columnist Thomas & middot; Friedman, remarked last year: originally, trump, you is one of China’s undercover! (Trump is a Chinese agent)

please note that this is a statement, not a question.

because the fact is clear:

since trump you waste fighting skill, abolished the TPP suddenly, the Chinese did Sarah laugh.

exit the Paris agreement trump, handing leadership to China.

your trump in isolation, a large number of people are going to China.

& hellip; & hellip;

in addition, the Chinese are actively integrate into the international community, in positive when the group manager, also proposed the area along the way the public products; Group in retreat group retreat back again to the United States, about: this wicked world, Lao tze quit.

many countries one of the biggest feeling is: the world has changed, really changed, and the United States and China, as a swap the roles.

of course, Milton friedman wrote this article, also don’t know, and trump on eu waving the big stick of sanctions in Korea and Japan, isn’t it a gift again to China?

one of my favorite, is the metaphor of friedman image: & other; is a fool (trump)! I can even hear, Beijing clink “the sound of champagne . & throughout; (What a chump! I can still hear the clinking of champagne glasses in Beijing.)

Beijing drink champagne in clink, also said that trump is a fool, how can you say that?

you know, from think to trump is brilliant political genius, how can you say he is a fool?

of course, for China, a gift from heaven a trump, but the software can’t proud!