By the us and UK asked to account for the “poisoning” incident Vladimir putin, Russia, Britain, meetings

Beijing, March 16 (xinhua), integrated xinhua foreign correspondent reported: the United States, Germany, France, British leaders issued a joint statement on the 15th, demanded that Russia was the country’s former agents in the UK & other; Poisoning & throughout; Explain events. Safety meeting on the same day, Russian President vladimir putin called the Russian federation, expressed great concern for the British policy towards Russia recently.

local time on March 10, 2018, the British Salisbury, police lasts, Russia’s former double agent & middot; Scripps parr poisoning investigation. Visual Chinese figure

the President of the United States trump, Germany’s chancellor, Angela merkel and French President marolon, Britain’s prime minister, Teresa & middot; May 15, issued a joint statement, the request is a former Russian spy kerry suffered by parr and its daughter & other Attack & throughout; Explain relevant issues.

the leaders said in a statement, & other; It threatens the safety of all our people & throughout; , accused Russia of violating the chemical weapons convention and international law, asked Russia to ban on chemical weapons organization & other; Comprehensive public throughout the &; Nerve agents & other; Novy jock & throughout; The related projects.

on nerve agents & other; Novy jock & throughout; , Russia’s deputy foreign minister, sergei & middot; In Mr Zubkov told the Russian media, whether the Soviet union, and Russia, have no any development nerve agents & other; Novy jock & throughout; The project.

trump 15 at the White House, met with visiting Irish prime minister rudd said, Russia & other; Look & throughout; Is this & other; Poisoning & throughout; Events behind the scenes. He has been with Teresa & middot; May discuss the matter on the phone, the events will be taken seriously.

15 security council convened the Russian federation, putin expressed great concern for the British policy towards Russia recently. According to Russia’s President, in the current & other; Poisoning & throughout; In the context of the Russian security council members, Russia, Britain, relations are discussed in detail, for Britain’s aggressive stance and a series of policy towards Russia expressed great concern.

Teresa & middot; May 14, said the UK has decided to take a series of measures, including to expel 23 Russian diplomats, in retaliation for the alleged assassination former agents in the UK.

this, 14 the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement, this is an unprecedented challenge, destroy the normal dialogue Russia and Britain. Britain no program investigating the case in accordance with international standards, rather than confrontation with Russia. Obviously, Britain unilateral opacity of investigation is to start against Russia again. Statement stressed that Russia’s response measures in Britain and other Don’t wait too long & throughout; .

according to British media reports, the former agent, kerry parr, Wiltshire, a county in the UK and its daughter 4, Salisbury street on a bench in a coma. British police said the two people in the nerve agents. 15, according to media reports, the situation is still very critical.

Scripps parr 1999 retired from the intelligence agency, founded in 2006 by the Russian court sentenced to imprisonment, for offering mi6 Russian agents in European countries. In 2010, Russia and the United States exchange arrested that spies, Scripps parr release and settled in the UK.

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