American man armed confrontation with the police for several hours without fire refused to surrender was killed

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the police sealed off the scene. (photo: ABC)

overseas network morning local time on March 21 (Reuters) – 20, a man with a gun to break into the American fast food restaurant near Princeton, New Jersey, staff and customers panic escape. No one was injured. Police shot and killed the after hours instead of confrontation.

according to the American broadcasting company (ABC) reported that 10 a.m. on the morning of the same, the gunman entered Princeton university, near the bakery, after police received reports will be surrounded by a fast food restaurant. Around 3 PM in the day, the police in the hours after consultation with the man, and killed it.

it is reported that armed men broke into a fast food restaurant, the salesperson and the customer have escaped in the confusion, there were no casualties. The scene did not shoot, police said, a standoff with the demand in several hours, the police have been trying to get the surrender quietly, but without success.

at Princeton university, a spokesman for the fast food restaurant and Princeton university distance is very close, but this week is spring break, students have not on campus. Police sealed off the campus is close to a fast food restaurant near two buildings and sections of the road, and remind people continue to avoid this area. Temporarily not clear whether the man and Princeton university. The police are doing further investigation.

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