A gas station public toilets to the Philippines palace Many drivers took photos

in many people mind, gas station public toilets there is nothing special, but at a gas station public toilets to imagine the Philippine capital Manila, not only clean, but decorate exquisite, let a person feel & other; In the palace & throughout; , has attracted a lot of drivers took photos.

this toilet is located in the Thomas & middot; Mora street, with golden color, ceiling painted golden pattern, lop a lamp that antique chandeliers, wall stickers shadow wallpaper, corner to Roman column relief decoration. A decorated with vines carved wooden table putting a set in the hollow out the toilet glass frame, bronze and gold health box, flower POTS, trash can fairly & other; Take tone throughout the &; .

with the toilet in the corner of the most important thing, that is with a carved antique & other; Throughout the throne &; , just & other; Throughout the throne &; Middle is not chair face, but a white toilet. Don’t know the user sitting on top, arms resting on the armrest, look at the golden frame on the wall & other You are the king & throughout; The majesty of words, will produce a kind of funny feeling?

the UK, the daily mail reported that a lot of drivers on social networking sites print praise this palatial public toilets. Advertising managers Alec & middot; Louis testa says it & other; Amazing, absolutely unique & throughout; ; Netizens San Diego & middot; In Galveston, praise its & other; Cool, beautiful, clean, fragrant & throughout; . (OuSa) 【 xinhua micro features 】

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