Celebrity 13 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Pillow Top Review

The Celebrity 13 inch memory foam mattress is a stunning memory foam mattress made by Dynasty Mattress. This memory foam mattress comes with a 20 year warranty, which guarantees you luxury and longevity.

Celebrity Memory Foam Mattress Details

  • 13 inch memory foam mattress with pillow top
  • Dual airflow mattress
  • 5.3lb density 100% visco-elastic memory foam
  • Compares with TempurPedic CelebrityBed
  • 100% cotton zip cover with velour feel
  • Contours to your body
  • Responds to your temperature
  • Reduces aches and relieves pressure points
  • 20 year warranty

Compares with TempurPedic

Tempurpedic is a luxurious expensive brand of memory foam mattress and this is because they are high quality. The Celebrity memory foam mattress compares to their CelebrityBed memory foam mattress but is at a fraction of the cost.

Made With

The Celebrity 13 inch memory foam mattress is made with 5.3lb density memory foam, with 3.5 inch pillow top
This Mattress is made with 5.3lb Density with 3.5″ PillowTop and 2″ Comfort 100% Memory Foam and 7.5″ High resililence Polyurethane Base Foam

Visco-Elastic Memory Foam

The Celebrity mattress is made from 100% visco-elastic memory foam.

Cotton Zip Cover

The Celebrity 13 inch memory foam mattress with pillow top comes with a 100% cotton zip cover which has a velour feel for ultimate luxury.

Contours To The Body

Memory foam contours to your body to relieve pressure and to give you a comfortable night’s sleep.

Responds To Your Body Temperature

Memory foam can also respond to your body’s temperature. The Celebrity memory foam mattress has dual air flow meaning that it breathes and will keep you cool. Many cheap foam mattresses aren’t porous and will make you overheat due to lack of airflow.

20 Year Warranty

The Celebrity 13 inch memory foam mattress comes with a 20 year warranty so you are guaranteed a luxurious memory foam mattress and not a cheap rip-off. Cheap memory foam mattresses can cost you much more in the long run and can affect your health, this 20 year warranty adds extra assurance you are getting a quality item.

Available Sizes

The Celebrity 13 inch memory foam mattress is available in King (80 x 76 x 13), Queen (80 x 60 x 13 inches) and Full size (74 x 54 x 12).


Cost is dependent on the size of the mattress, but from Amazon you can get off more than 50% for the retail price. In fact you can get yup to nearly 80% off.

What Others Say About The Celebrity 13 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

The Celebrity memory foam mattress has got an average rating of 4 and a half out of 5 stars. Customers loved this mattress, the better night’s sleep and how comfortable it was.
Customers comments included:

  • “Now this is a comfortable bed…I can’t tell a difference from the Tempur-pedic..for what you get, I thought this was the best…”
  • “IT. IS. AMAZING. If you want an honest memory foam mattress review from two people who are very intimately familiar with back pain to a sometimes extreme degree, this is the review for you. We LOVE it, and we are so thrilled that we purchased it. After looking for the right mattress for so long, we are ecstatic that this turned out to be everything and more than promised. You cannot beat the price, under ANY circumstances – but most of all, the immediate relief and comfort for those with back or body pain is PRICELESS…”


One customer felt that the mattress did not live up to their expectations and another commented that it can take a couple of weeks for the mattress to soften up and for you to get used to it (although once you are used to it is fantastic).

The Celebrity 13 inch memory foam mattress is a stunning mattress that will help you get a better night’s sleep.

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Options? This May Help

How To Buy The Curtains Worthy For Your Home

It isn’t surprising that more often than not, home owners would take care of other things first inside the home and the need for curtains would only pop inside their mind right afterwards. It is easy to see from this neglect along with other home owners who completely forget to install it, that numerous people doesn’t think of curtains as important. One thing for certain however, is that adding curtains to your home is more than just a way to accentuate a room or tie every elements of the room together and it is extremely vital to have them on your home.

One of the most outstanding effects of installing a curtain or window blind to your home is its capability to keep heat out of the home or retain it while also having the effects of making your room as private as you may wish it to be. It simply makes living more comfortable and if that has convinced you to opt for curtains or blinds for your home, then the next thing that will certainly occupy your mind is how you could find the best ones in the market that will be worthy for your home and your money.

It is always a smart move not to jump into the fray immediately and take a closer look at your house and its rooms where you want to put curtains on, and while doing that, you should think about what you wish to attain with this kind of item. It is also vital that you measure your window’s size first, in order for you to pick the right size of curtain you’ll buy. You should also take a look at the room’s purpose: for instance, you’d want to have blinds for a messy kitchen so you would not need to mind about stains; while on the other hand, you could opt for a thinner curtain if insulation and privacy isn’t something that you’d need for a specific room.

Another thing or aspect that should warrant your attention is the lining of the product and its density. Although these two may be two separate things, they contribute to the amount of light that goes through your home and their capability to provide reliable insulation when it comes to hot and cold days alike. You could also take another step in researching more about linings, as you’re bound to find out some special linings that could do more for you.

To make sure that everything goes seamlessly as you’d expect, go for the product that would blend with your home and its theme. This is important as they are the items that often gets the attention of guests first and it also helps beautify the room where you’ll install it.

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Homes

How to Use Primitive Country Decor

Many people are able to come up with creative ideas on how they can use different primitive decors ideas which will look good in their homes and it will help them get the right things needed. People are able to use primitive country decor because they are worn out items that have been passed down many generation therefore having period while you are at the end of the day.

Benefits of Using Primitive Country Decorations
There are things to consider when people are getting the help they need because the designer will give you more information on how you can use country primitive decor to your advantage. You should make sure you get primitive decor because it was created by artists who are not trained plus you are able to get simple designs that were used in the past though they were not very cheap.

People are encouraged to use country primitive Decca since they’re able to use that color switch will make the home look attractive and amazing at the end of the day because it is more convenient. People are able to create the best image for the porch and foyer which is inviting since they used well-worn porch crocks plus you can use a grapevine wreath on your front door that can be decorated as time goes by.

If you want your living room to have that primitive look then you should go for wooden floors which add a warm feeling to the home plus look for the best colorful oval braided rugs to make the look even more vintage. You should consider using wooden crates instead of a coffee table which will give your home a more appealing and the primitive look that will take you back many years ago and fill your home with unique items.

People are able to get what they want since they need and can find them in different online stores at affordable prices and you get different items which will look good. You should consider buying the primitive and country items from an online shop since you will be able to get them at affordable prices plus the online store will be able to deliver them to your current location.

You can ask around about the best online store where you can get the primitive country their homes since you will be able to effectively decorate your home and make it look unique than the rest. Many people buy items that sometimes may turn out boring and not appealing which is why they are requested to check out the return policy of the online store which are return the items in case of any situation.

Murals Bring The World To A Room

For those who wish they could travel the world or want to remember world travels, there are murals. Online companies such as Wallpaperink have literally millions of images to choose from. Go online to their sites and view millions of images from around the world. Choose the right one and they will print it on a mural to fit a specific wall. Don’t find an image that works? Send them a personal photo or artwork and they will make it into a custom mural.

Personalizing A Home

For lots of people, a home is more than a few walls and a bed. It is more than a place to rest in-between work and going out on the town. To them, a home is a personal place to live life and a place of refuge. These people want children’s rooms that inspire their children’s imaginations. They want theater rooms with movie images covering the walls. They want master bedroom suites that remind them of their travels and are decorated to be relaxing and restful.

For these people, choosing wall murals is a good decorating element. Children’s rooms can have murals that reflect dreams and interests. When the children grow older, the murals can be easily removed and replaced with new images to match changing interests. The master bedroom suite can have a mural of a tropical beach or lovely sunset for a relaxing atmosphere. Or there can be a mural depicting a place they have been or want to go.

Home theaters are often replacing game rooms or family rooms. These rooms have big screens and can be decorated like theaters where the family can view movies together or play video games. The theater look can be enhanced with the use of movie theme murals on one or more walls. Families really into sports can get sports themed murals for this family viewing area. They can choose murals depicting their favorite teams.

Ordering And Installing Murals

The customer measures the wall spaces and then goes to the online mural supplier to view images and choose the ones they want. Then, the customer chooses the grade of the mural base they want and gets pricing. They put in their order and arrange payment and shipping. The murals come in a special box with instructions, a pencil, a knife with snap off blades, and wallpaper paste. For more information, visit the website.

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today, defense ministry spokesman guo-qiang ren senior colonel said at a regular press briefing: we resolutely oppose any country, including the United States and Taiwan official contacts and any form of military ties. Taiwan is a part of China, to achieve complete reunification and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is any trick anyone, any force, could not prevent the, China’s armed forces have determination, confidence and enough ability to safeguard China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.