4 small ways to effectively reduce the bicycle puncture

Tires, puncture can be said to be riding the most common embarrassing thing, and the moment is still enjoying the fun, after a second will take out the tool … the original spring breeze was riding a hi, the car suddenly feeling is really discouraged Big unpleasant scenery, chic knight image was so after the next to the cart or squatting tires to ruin … …

In fact, some good habits and methods can effectively reduce the bike tires were leaked or puncture the chance to learn together!
1. Please try to avoid more gravel and other debris through the road. If there is too much potholes depression, you need to slow down
2. Periodically check the degree of wear of the tire and the foreign matter attached to the tire. Many times, such as gravel, glass fragments and other sharp foreign body tied to the tire, but did not puncture the bicycle tires, this time if not dealt with in time, these foreign bodies are likely to be in the ride more and more deep, and thus punched tires.
3. Please change the tire and inner tube regularly. In addition to the normal wear and tear, the rubber inside and outside the tire material after a long period of time there will be aging phenomenon, which will greatly reduce the strength of the tire.
Therefore, when the tire appears more serious wear and tear and the emergence of small cracks, etc., please replace it in time. And even if there are not too many abnormalities, driving about 10,000 km or so, please try to all the internal and external tire replacement.

4. Ensure that the tire pressure is kept within the specified range. Bicycle tires are generally marked with a normal barometric range (eg 35 to 65 psi), and the air pressure should be kept within the range of tire values. The standard pressure value in addition to a large extent to avoid foreign body in the process of driving into the tire, you can also achieve the protection of the circle, to enhance the role of riding comfort.
Speaking of tonic, many people may feel no technical content, it is not with a spare tire line, right? What if the spare tire is also how to do it? If the technology does not make up a good and get out of a how to do it? The most critical is that if the road to the tires of the female riders, master the excellent hand tire repair technology can take the opportunity to strike up a chance to a lot of Well ~ If you help others make up half of the bad can be embarrassing The.
So the following method, will make up tires have to look at, not to pay tires have to look at the.

First turn the car over, remove the broken wheels, ready to grind tubing

Began to use the tires or six wrenches wiping the tire to remove the damaged inner tube

Put the inner tube into the water, looking for holes! See there will be a bubble from the river came out! Here is just a river just do not have to find water to find pot!
This is not, soon found a hole, picked up a piece of rough stone polished near the hole, let it become rough, easy to attach cold glue!

Squeeze the amount of cold glue in the hole

Along the hole smear even glue, pause 15-30 seconds to master their own time, mainly to glue more sticky!

Affixed to the tires posted in the hole, press to fill the tire with the tire tube full adhesion

Finally loaded back to the inner tube, it is so simple to complete.
Need to carry the tools: tonic paste, cold glue, rubber file foam stone everywhere, knock on the tires or hex wrench also line, portable pump,